Everyone owns an Instagram account today, young or old. According to an article by Hootsuite, Instagram has 500 million active users monthly and counting. This photo sharing platform will only grow and grow in the years to come.

In order to be successful reaching your potential customers through Instagram, follow these steps:

1. Instagram Analytics

If you didn’t already know, there are a number of analytic tools available to help provide helpful information and help make your brand more successful on Instagram. When looking for an Instagram analytic tool, look for one that can monitor ‘post’ performances. For example, how many people that particular post has reached, the best click through rate and the post that received the most engagement. From there you will know what kind of posts your followers are most interested in.

Another feature to look for when looking for in an Instagram analytic tool is, scheduled posting. Imagine how much easier your life would be if your posts have been created in advance and are scheduled to be posted on time. Also, most of these analytic tools are able to establish when is the best time to share a post and for it to perform well. Sometimes the best times to post content is at night after office hours, and that is where scheduled posting comes into use too.

Lastly, you’ll want to look for an analytic tool that can also monitor for keywords and hashtags. Through knowing what the keywords and hashtags users are using, you can then easily connect with you followers to create a bond.

2. User Generated Content

UGC (user generated content) is an effective form of marketing. What is User Generated Content? It is an occurrence in which an Instagram user or social media user talks or gets paid to talk about a particular brand in their posts. Such posts have become one of the most popular types of content on Instagam. Users enjoy looking at other people giving opinions on a certain product as it is a form of social proof and gives unsure customers more confidence in purchasing from a brand. User Generated Content isn’t just limited to Instagram as many other social media platforms have them too.

3. Create a Social Wall

Create a live social wall that can be placed either in your office or when your company has events. A social wall is basically a feed where users can use a specific hashtag and all the pictures shared under that hashtag will be featured on a screen. Tools such as Tint and Tagboard helps you to compile all the user generated content and share it.

Marketeers could also potentially use this tool and feature it on the brand’s website, show casing their customers through a specific hashtag.

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4. Cross Promote

Of course in order for people to know about your Instagram account you have to promote it. You could promote it through other social media channels that you may have. You can also promote it on your website. For most business, their main website receives the most traffic. As a marketeer you could incorporate an Instagram link or Icon that links to your Instagram page onto your website. From there people will be aware of your Instagram account.

5. Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers is an emerging trend and has gained popularity over the years. This is the era of trend setters and opinionators. Many businesses use this marketing tactic today, no matter what the field. People now tend to turn to others that they look up to or admire for their opinions and sometimes even their approval. Just like Instagram Analytics, there are tools that can also help you look for the right influencers for your specific business. Obviously you’d potentially want to look for an infuencer that has knowledge related to your business. It wouldn’t make sense if you got a fashion influencer to promote about a car business. Platforms such as Sprout Social and Buzz Sumo can assist you in this process.


If you’re looking to improve your brand/companies Instagram marketing, it is best to try one of these tips mentioned above. First, marketers have to ensure that there is a tool tracking the businesses Instagram account. This part is very important as you would want to understand your customers further. Also, not to mention how much easier life would be with the help of scheduled postings! Secondly, remember to find suitable content to fit the brands audience. Whether it be UGC, a video or opinionated posts by influencers. Lastly, it would make a huge difference if the brand invested in incorporating a social wall onto their website to promote their Instagram account.


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