Retaily Offers Level Playing Field For Small Businesses

June 5, 2015 in Retaily

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Major shopping cart providers are not new to retargeting service providers. Retaily seems to be a new player on the block that is currently offering their services for free to some of the top ecommerce solutions provider - Shopify and InstanteStore. So what would make them different than the rest? Other than being free for merchants of both shopping carts to use from now till end July 2015 according to their website

Helping Small Businesses Reach Site Visitors

Saw from some of the press release in the recent news that their main aim was to help small and medium sized businesses reach their lost customers as many of these businesses lack the marketing resources and knowledge on how to do it. I guess their main point is that instead of generic ads to visitors, their software would be smart enough to show the right message to the right people at the right time.

Smart Retargeting Software

Looking at the video from their site, the software seems smart enough to detect the same products that a visitor was viewing and shows the relevant ads in popular sites as a reminder if the purchase was not finalize. Normal retargeting and remarketing service providers require merchants to create their own ads to submit to them. Retaily seems to be able to grab the product images direct from the online store AND is smart enough to display the relevant message to go with it.

Able To Gauge Visitor Intent

While other remarketing providers could do this but to be able to gauge visitor intent is to be able to tell what actually interest them when they are browsing your site. This makes Retaily smart enough to offer very specific offers to those visitors to encourage them to finalize their purchase even after they leave the store.

Helps Merchants Save Time And Effort

Now that would really level the playing field for small businesses as the system is automatic and merchants could focus more of their time on other business related matters while Retaily takes care of the remarketing work for them. I guess what’s encouraging is that small and medium sized businesses don’t have to spend an arm and a leg as well as a tonne of time on a marketing department to get the work done for them as the process can be completely automated and done with a few clicks by Retaily.

Here’s a short video on how it works that I mentioned earlier :