Luxurious Leather Living Room Sets – Affordable Modern Comforts

June 10, 2013 in Modern Living Room Set, Uncategorized

Silvano Modern Sectional Sofa

Nothing beats a comfortable sofa after a hard days work. Its just the right distance from the door in transit to the bedroom. In some cases, just the sight of a comfy sofa brings comfort to the mind. Indeed, the humble living room sofa set is more than just furniture where family and friends gather in comfort to retell old jokes and create new memories.

Modern living room sofa sets look nothing like the one perpetually wrapped in plastic in the hit comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond. Modern models like the one above – the Silvano Sectional – are a sight to behold. The Silvano looks dramatic in white while the soft contoured design hints of the luxurious comforts that await tired torsos in need of pampering.

Although white is admittedly very fetching, I would prefer the Silvano in Burgundy which is one of two other color options it is available in. The other is cream, another popular choice.

The Silvano is a luxurious 2 piece sectional leather living room set upholstered in Brazilian leather and framed with solid Pine wood. The model is available at factory direct prices from at just $2,800, making it a very popular choice among first time home owners and owners of smaller homes looking for modern leather living rooms sets at value-buy prices.

Faustino 3 Piece Leather Sofa Set

The Faustino is a 3 piece leather sofa set, clad in full Brazilian leather, which oozes modern luxury from the moment you set eyes upon it. It shares the same build materials as the Silvano complete with fashionable chrome legs. However, one thing clearly sets it apart from the Silvano and many other modern premium living room sets.

The Faustino takes luxury to a higher level with each piece having it’s own electrically powered head rest which is powered by a simple button. Chrome finished, nonetheless. Each piece can be further positioned into a perfectly reclined position so users can literally take a short nap at a push of a button.

The Faustino is also offered in 3 color options with excellently tailored stitching as a testament to its premium credentials.

The Faustino is currently on sale at for $5,656 and will suit medium to larger living rooms. For more choices of luxurious leather living room sets, visit