Different Moroccan Lighting For Homes

June 6, 2013 in Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan Hanging Lamp

Since there are so many different types of homes out there, one thing is for sure. They all need lighting. Now what would be a great home decor project would be to look for different types of lighting for the home. Different rooms could have different types of lighting fixtures. Home owners who are looking for something more cultural and unique could consider getting some Moroccan lighting for the house.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are so many types of Moroccan lighting fixtures out there. The fun part would be to decide which are suitable for your home. Narrow down the different rooms of the house and consider your home decor as you want to make sure that the lighting will complement the look of the room. You will also need to make sure that the lighting is properly proportionate to the size of your room. Imagine how weird it will look if you bought a huge Moroccan chandelier only to discover that your low ceiling and small space makes it look really out of place when you hang it from the low ceiling.

Moroccan Lantern

Key learning point here. Make sure that for any hanging lantern or lamps that you intend to get, your ceiling needs to be high enough. And also consider the style of the lamp or lantern. Color also plays an important role. You would want to test out the type of lighting as these Moroccan lamps and lanterns usually come with colored glass panes. Those who do not like colored type of lighting should get the ones with clear glass panes.

It will save you from having to return your purchase. While most folks enjoy the warm, translucent lighting that these lanterns give out indoors, others may prefer to place them outdoors. They give out a more romantic feeling especially the ones which you light up with candles. Think of it as a romantic outdoor lighting experience. So different types of lighting will be suitable for different parts of the home.

Start by narrowing down where you want to place them. Indoor or outdoor? Use electricity or candles? For practical use or for home interior decoration? Most home owners want both options. To help give you a bigger picture on the type of Moroccan lighting that is available, click here http://www.berbertrading.com/cat_moroccan_lanterns_and_lamps.cfm and decide for yourself what will look really good in your home.

Here’s a short video on some Moroccan candle lanterns that will look awesome for your home :

Moroccan Lamps To Light Your Home

May 27, 2013 in Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan Lamps

Lighting one’s home could be just something very basic or for some home owners, they could literally turn it into an art work. Many folks may think of putting simple lights in their homes but for those who happen to love art, culture and design, you will discover that their homes will have a different feel to it. The homes that normally catch my attention are those who have an Asian interior decor feel to it.

You could literally just change the look of your rooms by adding some Moroccan lamps in them. Maybe for the living room you could have a Moroccan lamp hanging from the ceiling. Or if you’re pressed for space, you could buy some smaller Moroccan lamps to place around the room.

Depending on your taste and how practical you want to be, I’ve also noticed that some home owners have 2 types of lighting for their living room. One would be just to light up the room while the other would be to light up the room for their enjoyment.

Did you know that you could influence the mood of a person just by tweaking the lighting environment? There’s quite a variety of lighting options to consider. From using different types of lamps, lanterns to candles and luminaries. It also depends on the occasion. If you’re planning on hosting guests, you would want them to feel as comfortable and relaxed in your home.

And if you happen to be quite stressed out with work, having some warm lighting in your home will help you to relax and calm you down. It’s also a great way to showcase the different culture and lighting designs which will complement the look of your home’s interior design. If you’re in search of some options, click hereĀ  http://www.berbertrading.com/cat_moroccan_lanterns_and_lamps.cfm and take your pick.

Here are some beautiful Moroccan lanterns to consider for your home when you check out the short video below :