Save Money On Stylish Designer Chairs And Other Designer Furniture

August 7, 2013 in Designer Furniture, Modern Dining Room Table

We would all like to have a little bit of luxury in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a reality TV show which would make us 15 grand an episode. But that does not mean we cannot afford the finer things in life altogether.

Naturally, designer furniture with the same price tag of a brand new German engineered car would be out of reach for many of us. Fortunately, you can still get pretty stylish upmarket looking designer furniture at prices you would not have to sell one of your kidneys to afford.

It all depends where you get your stylish designer chairs and other designer furniture. Try to shop at stores or sites which offer factory direct pricing. The ones which offer a low price guarantee are your best bet.

At sites like these, you can save an average of 50% off retail. That’s a lot of money if you are thinking of remodeling your whole home.

A neighbor of mine spent nearly 50 grand extensively remodeling his dining room, living room and 2 bathrooms. He has exquisite taste and much deeper pockets than I. However, he was still very prudent when shopping for his fixtures and furniture. He estimated that his prudence saved him about $30,000. That’s a lot of money.

My budget is about 40% of his but we shop at the same places and sites. Big sites like offer some of the best prices for quality furniture on the net. That’s because of their economies of scale and the special deals they have with furniture factories. To make a long story short, they get their items, some of them exclusive to their stores, at special factory direct prices.

The good thing is that they carry a wide range of luxury furniture to fit a wider market. Not everyone can afford a $17,000 dining room set after discount (down from $26,000) like my neighbor. Most people are like me who fall in the circa $6,000 range for a luxury dining room set.

The vast difference in pricing is not in the quality but in the style and finishing. For $16,000, the craftsmanship and detail for a classic European dining room set is mind blowing. Just look at the Murcia model my neighbor bought (image below). It looks like it costs at least twice the price.

Murcia Classic European Dining Room Set

Here are a couple of shots that show of the detail more clearly.

Murcia Chair and Table edge

Murcia Table Leg 2

My wife and I were going for a more modern look for our dining room so we chose this set. It’s called the Tricase modern dining room set. The marble top is absolutely breathtaking, by the way.

Tricase Modern Dining Table

The table cost us less then $3,000 while the modern designer chairs cost us less then $600 each. But the show stealer has got to be the marble table top. You just have to see it to believe it. We’re so lucky we could stretch our budget just a bit to purchase it.