Moroccan Lamps To Light Your Home

May 27, 2013 in Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan Lamps

Lighting one’s home could be just something very basic or for some home owners, they could literally turn it into an art work. Many folks may think of putting simple lights in their homes but for those who happen to love art, culture and design, you will discover that their homes will have a different feel to it. The homes that normally catch my attention are those who have an Asian interior decor feel to it.

You could literally just change the look of your rooms by adding some Moroccan lamps in them. Maybe for the living room you could have a Moroccan lamp hanging from the ceiling. Or if you’re pressed for space, you could buy some smaller Moroccan lamps to place around the room.

Depending on your taste and how practical you want to be, I’ve also noticed that some home owners have 2 types of lighting for their living room. One would be just to light up the room while the other would be to light up the room for their enjoyment.

Did you know that you could influence the mood of a person just by tweaking the lighting environment? There’s quite a variety of lighting options to consider. From using different types of lamps, lanterns to candles and luminaries. It also depends on the occasion. If you’re planning on hosting guests, you would want them to feel as comfortable and relaxed in your home.

And if you happen to be quite stressed out with work, having some warm lighting in your home will help you to relax and calm you down. It’s also a great way to showcase the different culture and lighting designs which will complement the look of your home’s interior design. If you’re in search of some options, click here and take your pick.

Here are some beautiful Moroccan lanterns to consider for your home when you check out the short video below :

The Uniqueness Of Moroccan Furniture

May 20, 2013 in Moroccan Furniture

Damascus Mosaik Table

Many people have asked me for some ideas, suggestions and feedback on what kind of furniture would I recommend for them. Well, this basically depends on one’s own taste in interior design. There are some homes that I have been to which look absolutely fantastic. Home owners do not need to be limited by only certain types of furniture. I mean, you could have a combination of different types and genres of furniture for the home.

Most would find Moroccan furniture to be unique as they are usually hand made or hand craved by skillful artisans. However, as with all the different types of furniture that are hand made, they will usually showcase the rich culture and heritage of the nationality. When it comes to Moroccan designs, one will be able to notice the symmetrical designs in all their workmanship.

Some may want a wall piece to mount up as a decoration or art piece to enjoy. Or if you are a bit tight for space, you could look for some really awesome corner pieces of furniture to help you make the most of the space that you have. These type of furniture will come in handy especially for those who live in apartments or flats.

Handpainted Amazigh Corner

Anyway, other than hand carved or hand painted, what makes Moroccan furniture really unique is its rich cultural patterns and history. Those who plain bored with the normal types of furniture will these a refreshing change. Decorating one’s home with these unique furniture will not only impress your guests but it will also be pleasurable as you enjoy the artistic value of these items.

Some of the folks that I know who enjoy collecting unique antiques and artifacts in their travel will definitely own quite a number of these decor in their homes. Most are not only for display but they are also very practical for every day usage. Whether you are looking for a bedroom cabinet or a coffee table to a side chair, there is plenty to consider when one is working on decorating each different room in the house.

If you don’t know where to start, click here and you’ll be awed by an entire range of authentic Moroccan furniture and decor to pick from.

Here’s a short video to showcase some exotic and unique Moroccan furniture and decor that you could check out :

Invitations Store Enjoy Brisk Business

May 10, 2013 in Invitations Store

Invitations Store

There seems to be resurgence in people wanting to go back to creating physical invitation cards. Guess people got kind of bored with all the digital invites. Plus the fact that you could never seem to replace the feeling of receiving a physical invitation card in the mail box as compared to getting one in you email. Also, it makes it more personal when you post out customized invitation cards to family members and friends instead of mass emailing everyone.

This is one of the main reasons why invitations store are enjoying brisk business these days. People seem to have gotten bored with all the digital quick fixes. And since times have changed, these stores have also revolutionize the way they do business. So instead of driving all the way to any of these stores if you happen to be pressed for time, you can even order some custom made invitation cards and have them shipped to your home.

Many of these online stores offer custom made cards. Whether you are getting ready to invite people to a birthday bash, engagement party, wedding, baby shower or graduation celebration, you will be pleased with the selection offered online. What’s more encouraging is the fact that these stores offer printing services. So if you’re planing to invite like 100 people for your son’s birthday party, just pick the card design, have the words drafted and inform the paperie store.

They will have it professionally printed and before you know it, the entire stack of custom printed invites will be at your door step for you to send out. Now if you’re planning to get married, you could choose the theme for your wedding and have the same reflected in the custom wedding invitation cards. Family members and friends will be thrilled with the look once they receive the cards in the mail box.

Like I said, you don’t have to limit it to only these few celebrations. Even religious celebrations and holiday season greetings will make quite an impact. Just make sure that you have the budget for it. Some will usually have their photos added to give it a more personal touch. In fact, you could check out this popular invitations store here

They have quite a number of selection that will spoil you silly. Have fun planning for your next happening event. There’s always a reason to celebrate.

Choose The Correct Scrapbook Tools For Your Projects

April 25, 2013 in Scrapbooking Tools

Scrapbook Tools

Your kids are all excited that you’re going to help them put together an awesome scrapbooking project. Whether it was a school assignment or just something that they wanted to try out (most probably saw some of their friends’ albums and decided to pester you about having one!), you will definitely have loads of fun putting this entire project together with them.

First things first. Make sure you have a list of items that you need to get. As with every parent out there, they are always fighting for time some how or another. While spending time with your kids is a worthwhile investment, one of the ways to help you save some time instead of wasting it is to make sure that you get the right scrapbook tools for the job. Don’t go overboard though and buy up the entire store. Hence the list is important. This is of course for parents who haven’t yet figured out what they wanted to put together.

Now for folks who already know what they want to create and put together, getting the specific scrapbook tools will be pretty easy. Don’t forget to pick up a variety of beautiful scrapbook paper as well. These will come in handy in case you need to create borders or background. Some may just want to wrap their entire album with colorful paper.

Anyway, the basic tools would be a pair of scissors, a role of double-sided tape, color pens and pencils, different types of hole punchers and some paper cutting knife. Of course the more complicated the project, the more specific type of tools you will require to save you time. Need I elaborate that with the right tools to get the right task done, it will save you plenty of sanity as well.

Looking for some to get started? Check out some of them here

Scrapbooking Hobby Supplies That Are Delightful

April 4, 2013 in Srapbooking Hobby Supplies

Scrapbooking Hobby Supplies

Building up your own scrapbook collection is quite a worthwhile investment. In this day and age where digital media seems to have taken center stage, it’s quite a rare sight to see people still continue with their traditional scrapbook albums. But you’ll be surprised that many people find scrapbooking to be a delightful hobby. Perhaps it’s the fact that putting something physically together without using the computer, tablet or smartphone would be good for one’s sanity afetr a hard day’s work at the office or in school.

Anyway, shopping for scrapbooking hobby supplies has gotten easier since many paperie stores have gone online to offer an entire range of unique and beautiful scrapbook supplies. Now, you don’t have to waste time driving to the paperie store. Just get online if you’re planning to look for any Hawaiian themed or tropical scrapbooking stuff. Purchase up to a certain amount and shipping gets thrown in for free. This is a sure winner especially for those who are not in the mood to fight the traffic jam or waste gas driving round to look for arts and craft supplies. Just order them online and everything will arrive at your door step.

So what would be some of the scrapbooking hobby stuff that people normally go for? Colorful and unique scrapbook papers would be one of them. And if you want something beautiful, go for the more unique ones. Fancy something with a tropical flavor?  Get some with Hawaiian scenery while planning your next vacation. Here’s one of the sites that have tonnes of Hawaiian scrapbooking supplies for you to pick from

So whether you’re looking for some scrapbooking tools, scrapbook paper, stickers, borders or even stencils, you’re going to get blown away with the range that is available. These tools and supplies are a joy to use as they make all your tasks easy so that you don’t have to waste time putting together an album or project. Getting hold of the right tools is a big help. What’s more, they are not boring to use.

If you have any kids in the house, they will catch on the hobby pretty fast as they watch you work on your scrapbook album. Before you know it, they will want to have one of their own and will be making use of all the scrapbook tools and materials that you have in the house. So have a good time putting together beautiful memories and showcasing your creativity!

Hawaiian Themed Paperie Projects – Where To Source Supplies?

March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Main Page Banner On Island Paperie

If you have a Hawaiian theme paparie project in mind like scrapbooking, card making and so on, chances are, you would not be able to get the supplies you need at the stationary store at the corner of your block. Hawaiian themed paperie is a bit too niche for that.

Sure, you could make your own Hawaiian themed material. Just make sure everything has tropical and beach motifs on them. If you’ve got the time, you can print your own decorative paper, make your own embellishments and create your own stamps.

Alternatively, you can save lots of time by just getting everything you need for your Hawaiian themed paperie project from an online Hawaiian scrapbooking store. You can then spend the time save creating new paperie projects like scrapbooking and card making.

At online paperie stores like Island Paperie, you can not only find a wide variety of paper products, you can also find all the tools you need to complete your projects. Using the appropriate tools can really make the difference in the quality of finishing of a project. The variety of tools would enable you to be more creative in your endeavor so do not be afraid to experiment with new tools like scallop and deckle blades.

In terms of decoration, there are a myriad of products at your disposal. For example borders, punches, stickers and laser cuts. Not to mention a crazy selection of paper designs, premade pages and embellishments. If you’d like to have a look at more of what Island Paperie has to offer, just visit their site –

Have fun with your projects!