Moroccan Decor To Add Character To Your Home

May 19, 2014 in Moroccan Decor

Moroccan Decor

No one wants to live in a boring home. many enjoy decorating and accessorizing their homes with beautiful decor and furniture. Those who enjoy a sense of style will usually go for the modern minimalistic look which includes a sleek furniture and a clean feel to the home.

Those who want to add more character to their homes will want to add in furniture and decor from other cultures. Basically unique items that could consist of beautiful paintings, works of art or practical furniture that is rich in culture and history. Now that will show what kind of person you are. Or should I say how interesting a person you are by looking at the way you decor you home.

Some of the most beautiful homes that I’ve been to will usually have some form of Moroccan decor that would be complemented by beautiful wood themes. These are either evident in the flooring or in the beautifully carved handmade Moroccan furniture.

Depending on the style and theme of the house, some may want it to be colorful and bright giving it an energetic and lively feel to each room. This is easy to achieve by placing colorful pillows, cushions and Moroccan poufs around.

The other style would be to keep it classy and clean. This approach is usually chosen by home owners who do not want their home to be too colorful or who do not like bright colorful stuff as they want to keep their home streamlined in a particular theme.

Need some ideas? Check out HGTV as they have plenty of home makeovers that utilizes Moroccan decor.

If the house owner wants more variety, they may even include in items from other countries depending on their interest. Just remember to have it done tastefully.

other than that, people would want items that are of practical use such as tables, chairs, cabinets instead of only having decorative items in their home just for show. There needs to be a good balance.

Here’s a short video on the different Moorish architecture in Morocco :

If you need some authentic Moroccan decor, check out this site to see what would look really good in your home when you do a makeover.

Are you into a colorful theme? Or do you want it to be more cultural and rustic making your home look absolutely unique with a dash of style? Your choice of decor and furniture will help add character to your home showcasing your personality and taste.