How To Clean Your Moroccan Chandeliers

June 20, 2013 in Moroccan Chandeliers

Damascus Chandelier

Homes that have Moroccan chandeliers and Moroccan lighting tend to look pretty awesome. You would be able to tell that the house owners would have spent a considerable amount of time picking the right kind of lighting that will make their home look conducive, relaxing and beautiful. Most of the time, what comes to our mind when we hear the word ‘chandelier’? For me, I’d instantly get an image of a huge hotel ballroom with beautiful chandeliers that provide a nice relaxing lighting environment for people to enjoy their dining and dancing experience.

But while the hotel may have expert cleaners to ensure that their lighting are kept clean all the time, what about home owners who have limited amount of time. Unless you’re very rich to hire professional cleaners to get the job done for you. There are basically 3 different ways to that you could have your Moroccan chandeliers cleaned and this would depend on how much time you are willing to allocate for the cleaning process.

The first method is the fastest and involves dry cleaning. What you would need to do is to get 2 micro fibre cloths and some Windex. Make sure you have a ladder that is high enough as you will need to spray the Windex on one cloth to wipe each glass piece. Remember to start from top to bottom and also work your way from the inside out. The other cloth will be used to polish each piece after the first round of cleaning.

Don’t worry. Moroccan lighting may look exotic and unique but they are really not that difficult to clean. If you want to get some idea on what they look like, click here

Moroccan Chandelier

Second method is a wet one and will require you to use a tarp. Please make sure that you do the cleaning process in the day time and that the lighting is not switched on to avoid any accidents. Again this depends on the size of your Moroccan chandelier. You will need some small plastic bags and rubber bands to seal off the light bulbs. After all the bulbs have been sealed off, you may spray the chandelier cleaner covering all angles and allow the solution to drip down to the tarp below. Allow some time for the entire Moroccan chandelier to dry.

The last method is basically for home owners who want to thoroughly clean the entire chandelier. In case your lighting looks really complicated, please make sure that you have a digital camera to capture shots of it from all angles so that once you take the entire chandelier apart, you will be able to put it back together by referring to those shots. Have a basin of warm water with some mild detergent ready. Remove all the glass pieces and place them in the basin to wash. Make sure that you rinse off any traces of detergent before drying all the glass pieces and putting them back together.

These cleaning steps will work well with other Moroccan lighting that you may have in your home which is made of glass. To check out some really beautiful Moroccan lighting, click here to see a short video :

Tips To Picking Bathroom Faucets For The Home

June 19, 2013 in Bathroom Faucets

Abetito I Chrome Finish Modern Bathroom Faucet

You’ve gotten it all narrowed down. Picked out a nice contemporary bathtub which you can’t wait to soak in. Found some nice wall mounted sinks for the bathroom. Now you can’t decide whether to get the same type of bathroom faucets or to choose different ones for the home.

Then there’s the headache of looking through different types of faucets. You just remembered that you also need to get a kitchen faucet as well. Getting everything ready for your new house is quite a task, huh?

Relax. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. To help you focus better, it’s always good to have a list of things that needs to be done so that you can check off the items that has already been completed. And one of them is to pick out some nice faucets for the home. First thing to do is to determine what type of faucet to get for which purpose.

Need one for the bathroom sink or for the bathtub? Naturally it would look really good if both the bathtub faucet and the one for the sink is of the same style. It would also depend on the theme of your bathroom. Are you going for the traditional look or the contemporary feel?

Most home owners these days prefer the modern look. It has the clean sleek feel to it. So if you’re getting some really cool modern bathroom furniture for the home, what will really complement all of those would be modern bathroom faucets.  These are usually made from polished chrome giving it that clean shiny look. But remember now, with anything shiny and reflective, you will need to spend time cleaning.

Somewhat like getting your car polished so that it looks new and does not have lots of fingerprints on it. Another thing to watch out for would to make sure that the bathroom faucet is easy to use. If you have kids in the house, they can’t be too flimsy either. Other wise, you will end up having to get new ones as kids could spoil them by being too rough at times. So get something that is easy to use and durable.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a good site that offers quite a range of bathroom faucets for home owners

You will also need to decide whether you want your bathroom faucets to be wall mounted or just like the typical type where it is linked to the bathroom sink or bathtub. Once you’ve gotten all these narrowed down, you should be able to pick out a couple of good ones. Remember to also ask for the product warranty and see if the supplier is able to offer you any discount. Have a good one!

Luxurious Leather Living Room Sets – Affordable Modern Comforts

June 10, 2013 in Modern Living Room Set, Uncategorized

Silvano Modern Sectional Sofa

Nothing beats a comfortable sofa after a hard days work. Its just the right distance from the door in transit to the bedroom. In some cases, just the sight of a comfy sofa brings comfort to the mind. Indeed, the humble living room sofa set is more than just furniture where family and friends gather in comfort to retell old jokes and create new memories.

Modern living room sofa sets look nothing like the one perpetually wrapped in plastic in the hit comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond. Modern models like the one above – the Silvano Sectional – are a sight to behold. The Silvano looks dramatic in white while the soft contoured design hints of the luxurious comforts that await tired torsos in need of pampering.

Although white is admittedly very fetching, I would prefer the Silvano in Burgundy which is one of two other color options it is available in. The other is cream, another popular choice.

The Silvano is a luxurious 2 piece sectional leather living room set upholstered in Brazilian leather and framed with solid Pine wood. The model is available at factory direct prices from at just $2,800, making it a very popular choice among first time home owners and owners of smaller homes looking for modern leather living rooms sets at value-buy prices.

Faustino 3 Piece Leather Sofa Set

The Faustino is a 3 piece leather sofa set, clad in full Brazilian leather, which oozes modern luxury from the moment you set eyes upon it. It shares the same build materials as the Silvano complete with fashionable chrome legs. However, one thing clearly sets it apart from the Silvano and many other modern premium living room sets.

The Faustino takes luxury to a higher level with each piece having it’s own electrically powered head rest which is powered by a simple button. Chrome finished, nonetheless. Each piece can be further positioned into a perfectly reclined position so users can literally take a short nap at a push of a button.

The Faustino is also offered in 3 color options with excellently tailored stitching as a testament to its premium credentials.

The Faustino is currently on sale at for $5,656 and will suit medium to larger living rooms. For more choices of luxurious leather living room sets, visit

Different Moroccan Lighting For Homes

June 6, 2013 in Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan Hanging Lamp

Since there are so many different types of homes out there, one thing is for sure. They all need lighting. Now what would be a great home decor project would be to look for different types of lighting for the home. Different rooms could have different types of lighting fixtures. Home owners who are looking for something more cultural and unique could consider getting some Moroccan lighting for the house.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are so many types of Moroccan lighting fixtures out there. The fun part would be to decide which are suitable for your home. Narrow down the different rooms of the house and consider your home decor as you want to make sure that the lighting will complement the look of the room. You will also need to make sure that the lighting is properly proportionate to the size of your room. Imagine how weird it will look if you bought a huge Moroccan chandelier only to discover that your low ceiling and small space makes it look really out of place when you hang it from the low ceiling.

Moroccan Lantern

Key learning point here. Make sure that for any hanging lantern or lamps that you intend to get, your ceiling needs to be high enough. And also consider the style of the lamp or lantern. Color also plays an important role. You would want to test out the type of lighting as these Moroccan lamps and lanterns usually come with colored glass panes. Those who do not like colored type of lighting should get the ones with clear glass panes.

It will save you from having to return your purchase. While most folks enjoy the warm, translucent lighting that these lanterns give out indoors, others may prefer to place them outdoors. They give out a more romantic feeling especially the ones which you light up with candles. Think of it as a romantic outdoor lighting experience. So different types of lighting will be suitable for different parts of the home.

Start by narrowing down where you want to place them. Indoor or outdoor? Use electricity or candles? For practical use or for home interior decoration? Most home owners want both options. To help give you a bigger picture on the type of Moroccan lighting that is available, click here and decide for yourself what will look really good in your home.

Here’s a short video on some Moroccan candle lanterns that will look awesome for your home :