Retaily Offers Level Playing Field For Small Businesses

June 5, 2015 in Retaily

Color Pencils

Major shopping cart providers are not new to retargeting service providers. Retaily seems to be a new player on the block that is currently offering their services for free to some of the top ecommerce solutions provider - Shopify and InstanteStore. So what would make them different than the rest? Other than being free for merchants of both shopping carts to use from now till end July 2015 according to their website

Helping Small Businesses Reach Site Visitors

Saw from some of the press release in the recent news that their main aim was to help small and medium sized businesses reach their lost customers as many of these businesses lack the marketing resources and knowledge on how to do it. I guess their main point is that instead of generic ads to visitors, their software would be smart enough to show the right message to the right people at the right time.

Smart Retargeting Software

Looking at the video from their site, the software seems smart enough to detect the same products that a visitor was viewing and shows the relevant ads in popular sites as a reminder if the purchase was not finalize. Normal retargeting and remarketing service providers require merchants to create their own ads to submit to them. Retaily seems to be able to grab the product images direct from the online store AND is smart enough to display the relevant message to go with it.

Able To Gauge Visitor Intent

While other remarketing providers could do this but to be able to gauge visitor intent is to be able to tell what actually interest them when they are browsing your site. This makes Retaily smart enough to offer very specific offers to those visitors to encourage them to finalize their purchase even after they leave the store.

Helps Merchants Save Time And Effort

Now that would really level the playing field for small businesses as the system is automatic and merchants could focus more of their time on other business related matters while Retaily takes care of the remarketing work for them. I guess what’s encouraging is that small and medium sized businesses don’t have to spend an arm and a leg as well as a tonne of time on a marketing department to get the work done for them as the process can be completely automated and done with a few clicks by Retaily.

Here’s a short video on how it works that I mentioned earlier :

Moroccan Decor To Add Character To Your Home

May 19, 2014 in Moroccan Decor

Moroccan Decor

No one wants to live in a boring home. many enjoy decorating and accessorizing their homes with beautiful decor and furniture. Those who enjoy a sense of style will usually go for the modern minimalistic look which includes a sleek furniture and a clean feel to the home.

Those who want to add more character to their homes will want to add in furniture and decor from other cultures. Basically unique items that could consist of beautiful paintings, works of art or practical furniture that is rich in culture and history. Now that will show what kind of person you are. Or should I say how interesting a person you are by looking at the way you decor you home.

Some of the most beautiful homes that I’ve been to will usually have some form of Moroccan decor that would be complemented by beautiful wood themes. These are either evident in the flooring or in the beautifully carved handmade Moroccan furniture.

Depending on the style and theme of the house, some may want it to be colorful and bright giving it an energetic and lively feel to each room. This is easy to achieve by placing colorful pillows, cushions and Moroccan poufs around.

The other style would be to keep it classy and clean. This approach is usually chosen by home owners who do not want their home to be too colorful or who do not like bright colorful stuff as they want to keep their home streamlined in a particular theme.

Need some ideas? Check out HGTV as they have plenty of home makeovers that utilizes Moroccan decor.

If the house owner wants more variety, they may even include in items from other countries depending on their interest. Just remember to have it done tastefully.

other than that, people would want items that are of practical use such as tables, chairs, cabinets instead of only having decorative items in their home just for show. There needs to be a good balance.

Here’s a short video on the different Moorish architecture in Morocco :

If you need some authentic Moroccan decor, check out this site to see what would look really good in your home when you do a makeover.

Are you into a colorful theme? Or do you want it to be more cultural and rustic making your home look absolutely unique with a dash of style? Your choice of decor and furniture will help add character to your home showcasing your personality and taste.

Commonwealth Towers Residential Development

April 25, 2014 in Commonwealth Towers

Commonwealth Towers

Commonwealth Towers was recently launched in Singapore earlier this month. The launching managed to attract a huge crowd showing strong demand for residential projects. Since the country attracts a huge number of investors and businesses from around the world, the property  market here is always in demand.

Developed by City Developments Limited and Hong Leong Holdings, Commonwealth Towers will bring about much needed development in the Queenstown area of Singapore. That will drive up the property market price in that area.

Queenstown is one of the oldest housing settlement on the island and named after Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to mark her coronation in 1952. Even the newly married royals, Prince William and his wife Catherine Middleton paid a visit to that area when they visited Singapore in conjunction with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the year 2012.

While many regard Queenstown area as a place with one of the most elderly population, the new 845 residential units of Commonwealth Towers twin blocks will bring in a fresh influx of young people and families who are keen to call that place home.

Not only will this do the area much good, it will also mean that the surrounding area will slowly undergo a development transformation as the old buildings will either be refurbished or demolished to make way for more new residential or commercial property to be built.

New residential projects such as these will come with full condominium facilities which residents can enjoy without the need to own an expensive club membership. The usual swimming pools, tennis courts, gym and clubhouse-like facilities are popular among the younger generation.

The Queenstown MRT station will be connected with Commonwealth Towers making it easy and convenient for residents to walk to the MRT station. Many Singaporeans use the MRT to travel to popular stops such as Orchard and the Central Business District for work and entertainment.

The recently opened Ion Orchard is a huge place for young and old to frequent and is easily accessible via the Orchard MRT.

Commonwealth Towers will have a combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units along with penthouses to cater to the needs of property buyers who range from single young adults to couples and also those with young families.

With launching of the project being such a huge hit, there may only be limited units left as many would have snapped up whatever available units that they could get hold of during the launch.

To find out more about Commonwealth Towers, please click here to get the rundown on this popular residential project.

Bartley Ridge Condominium In Singapore

April 8, 2014 in Bartley Ridge Condominium In Singapore

Bartley Ridge Condominium In Singapore

Bartley Ridge Condominium In Singapore

Bartley Ridge condominium in Singapore is one of the most sought after property in Singapore. With an excellent location on the fringes of the central district and with an MRT station right next to it, many property buyers have quickly snapped up Bartley Ridge condo when it was launched. The locality of the condo is also ideal for young families to stay in as the surrounding areas have some very good primary and secondary schools. This makes sending children to school a breeze for parents if they were to choose to live there.

Bartley Ridge condominium in Singapore also has a variety of residential units for buyers to consider. Those who are planning to stay on their own or with their partners could get a 1 or 2 bedroom unit. There are also options for 2 and 3 bedroom units that come with a study. Those who are planning to stay with their families could also opt for the 4 bedroom or dual key units.

Since Bartley Ridge condo will come with full condominium facilities, many property investors are keen to own a unit there as they get to enjoy all the facilities without having to own an expensive club membership. And all that at their door step since the facilities will include beautiful swimming pools, outdoor gym, yoga pods, clubhouse, children’s play area and more.

The surrounding area will continue to be developed hence the property price will continue to rise in future. Those who are thinking of investing in the property will definitely not loose out as plenty of people are constantly looking to rent out a place to stay. Many expats and professional foreigners along with international students are constantly flocking to Singapore to work or study. So this property will be able to bring in rental once completed.

And with Bartley MRT only a few minutes next to the condominium, traveling to any part of Singapore is completely convenient. One does not need to own a car to get around because the public transportation system is so efficient and timely there. Before you know it, you will be in Orchard Road or in the central business district as there are located only a few MRT stops away.

However, since many residential units have been snapped up, only a few units are still available. For more information on how to book a unit or to view the show unit, please click here

Bear in mind that Singapore has a very hot property market so one needs to move fast to secure a good property there and to also lock in the purchase price.


Duo Residences Condo Bugis – Hot Singapore Property

March 28, 2014 in Duo Residences Condo Bugis

Duo Residences Condo Bugis In Singapore

Planning to do some property investment but not sure what’s currently a really good investment? If you’re talking about Asian cities, Singapore happens to have one of the hottest property markets in South East Asia. Take into consideration the effective transport infrastructure, proper governance and clean environment, many expatriates and foreigners absolutely enjoy living there. Did I mention that food was also a plus factor?

Currently the hottest property that people are snapping up is the Duo Residences Condo Bugis. For many Singaporeans, Bugis area has plenty to offer in terms of food and shopping while being quite near the Central Business District. And the area is easily accessible via the Singapore MRT system which has a stop in Bugis itself.

So if you’re talking about public transport and a good area to stay in, Duo Residences Condo is definitely one of the ideal property to consider buying. And if you look at Singapore’s track record of excellent infrastructure and safety, there’s a level of confidence which property buyers are willing to pay for.

Also, Duo Residences Singapore was designed by internationally renowned and famous lead architect Ole Scheeren. While many may not know who he is but they will be very impressed with his many international architectural projects which consists of the famous China Central Television headquarters in Beijing, China along with the MahaNakhon in Bangkok, Thailand which is the highest skyscraper there.

Duo Singapore Condo consists of a 49 storey residential tower that comes with excellent facilities. There will be plenty of greenery complementing Singapore’s status as a garden city and residents can look forward to swimming in a 50 meter lap pool or soaking away their stress in the spa cabana.

Depending on your personal taste, Duo Residences price is still considered quite affordable as buyers get to pick the type of condo units that is catered to their needs. Based on the Duo Residences news, response has been overwhelming as property buyers have eagerly snapped up the units with only a few available units remaining. So whether you’re looking for a studio, 1 to 4 bedroom apartment or penthouse units, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

To find out more Duo Residences information, please go to or drop me an email with whatever questions you may have. Hurry now as the property is being snapped up fast.

A Modern Pedestal Sink For Your Bathroom

August 1, 2013 in Modern Pedestal Sink

Modern Pedestal Sink

If you’re planning to have a complete bathroom makeover, it’s worth considering getting a completely black bathroom look. I mean the bathroom products of course. Not the wall. Or if you prefer to have a black wall, then you might as well have the bathroom products in white for contrast.

Anyway, since there are modern black toilets, black modern bathtubs and black bathroom cabinets, getting a black modern pedestal sink would just about complement the entire collection. If you’d also like a bidet, then please get a black one as well. Just to match everything.

Most home owners like the modern minimalist look these days. Especially if they have a lot of space in their bathroom. It’s also easier to clean instead of having a bathroom that is cramped with too much stuff. You want to have an enjoyable time in the bathroom. Whether you’re soaking in the bathtub or using the toilet, to putting on makeup or taking a quick shower.

And all you have to do is to match the look of your home decor together. Did I mention that modern bathroom products these days come in really elegant and luxurious designs? Plus the fact that since they have clear clean lines with smooth surface, they are really easy to clean these days.

So if you’re having any guests over to stay, they will be very impressed when they use your bathroom. That is, if you’re going to share your wonderful bathroom with them instead of allocating the guest bathroom to them. Anyway, you could have a complete contrast of colors for the guest bathroom. Now that would really be awesome.

Getting a modern pedestal sink will also require you to choose your own faucet. To complement the look of the modern pedestal sink, most home owners will choose modern bathroom faucets that are chrome plated which will give it a really shiny clean look. Provided you wipe the faucet clean to keep it free from lots of fingerprints.

Looking for some really good quality ones? Check out this site here as they have quite a good collection for home owners to pick from. You could also pick your entire bathroom products from there as well since they have a whole bathroom set

Don’t forget to find a good mirror and bathroom cabinet to finish off the look. Choose the good quality ones as you’ll using these bathroom products for long term.

Moroccan Bedding Sets To Color Your Bedroom

July 2, 2013 in Moroccan Bedding

Moroccan Style Bedding

Ever wonder why home owners would want to get some Moroccan bedding sets for their bedroom? Most home owners enjoy furnishing their home with Moroccan theme products as they enjoy the beauty of the intricate design, patterns and workmanship. But when it comes to the bedroom, you do wonder what could one do to decorate or furnish it to make it more unique?

Well, there’s plenty of ideas I can tell you. For one thing, Moroccan furnishings and decor can be quite colorful not to mention bright. So if you are someone who loves bright colors and unique Moroccan cultural home decor, you could come up with your own Moroccan style bedding ideas. Before you know it, your bedroom will look very inviting and not dull and boring.

Moroccan Pillow

Obviously you don’t have to repaint your entire bedroom unless you really want to. Why do I say this? Because you may decide to change the color of your bedding later on. So it’s important that you pick a good wall color that is able to go with any other color which you may intend to pick later on. Bright colors will lighten up the room while warm colors will give it a nice cozy feeling.

You could start by looking for a colorful bedspread. Make sure they match your bedsheets, pillow cases and comforter. If that’s stressing you out, don’t worry about it if your bedding sets are white in color. It’s the easiest to match. Other than that, just make sure that the colors don’t clash.

You could also get some colorful Moroccan pillows and cushions. Now that will really rock. Some home owners will even get one or two Moroccan leather poufs for the bedroom. Again this will depend on the color scheme that you have chosen as some of these Moroccan poufs do come in attractive colors which will brighten up the mood of the room.

All these Moroccan bedding sets aim to give you a complete bedroom experience that is inviting and relaxing. Imagine coming home after a hard day at work to be able to rest and sleep well in a cozy and wonderful environment. The designs, patterns and colors that you pick will reflect your character and preference that is suppose to help calm you down and make you happy. Don’t worry. You don’t have to get all of them. Just the ones that will make you happy.

Looking for some? Check out this site as they have plenty for you to pick.

And if you’re into some color, check out this short video on Moroccan poufs here :

How To Clean Your Moroccan Chandeliers

June 20, 2013 in Moroccan Chandeliers

Damascus Chandelier

Homes that have Moroccan chandeliers and Moroccan lighting tend to look pretty awesome. You would be able to tell that the house owners would have spent a considerable amount of time picking the right kind of lighting that will make their home look conducive, relaxing and beautiful. Most of the time, what comes to our mind when we hear the word ‘chandelier’? For me, I’d instantly get an image of a huge hotel ballroom with beautiful chandeliers that provide a nice relaxing lighting environment for people to enjoy their dining and dancing experience.

But while the hotel may have expert cleaners to ensure that their lighting are kept clean all the time, what about home owners who have limited amount of time. Unless you’re very rich to hire professional cleaners to get the job done for you. There are basically 3 different ways to that you could have your Moroccan chandeliers cleaned and this would depend on how much time you are willing to allocate for the cleaning process.

The first method is the fastest and involves dry cleaning. What you would need to do is to get 2 micro fibre cloths and some Windex. Make sure you have a ladder that is high enough as you will need to spray the Windex on one cloth to wipe each glass piece. Remember to start from top to bottom and also work your way from the inside out. The other cloth will be used to polish each piece after the first round of cleaning.

Don’t worry. Moroccan lighting may look exotic and unique but they are really not that difficult to clean. If you want to get some idea on what they look like, click here

Moroccan Chandelier

Second method is a wet one and will require you to use a tarp. Please make sure that you do the cleaning process in the day time and that the lighting is not switched on to avoid any accidents. Again this depends on the size of your Moroccan chandelier. You will need some small plastic bags and rubber bands to seal off the light bulbs. After all the bulbs have been sealed off, you may spray the chandelier cleaner covering all angles and allow the solution to drip down to the tarp below. Allow some time for the entire Moroccan chandelier to dry.

The last method is basically for home owners who want to thoroughly clean the entire chandelier. In case your lighting looks really complicated, please make sure that you have a digital camera to capture shots of it from all angles so that once you take the entire chandelier apart, you will be able to put it back together by referring to those shots. Have a basin of warm water with some mild detergent ready. Remove all the glass pieces and place them in the basin to wash. Make sure that you rinse off any traces of detergent before drying all the glass pieces and putting them back together.

These cleaning steps will work well with other Moroccan lighting that you may have in your home which is made of glass. To check out some really beautiful Moroccan lighting, click here to see a short video :

Tips To Picking Bathroom Faucets For The Home

June 19, 2013 in Bathroom Faucets

Abetito I Chrome Finish Modern Bathroom Faucet

You’ve gotten it all narrowed down. Picked out a nice contemporary bathtub which you can’t wait to soak in. Found some nice wall mounted sinks for the bathroom. Now you can’t decide whether to get the same type of bathroom faucets or to choose different ones for the home.

Then there’s the headache of looking through different types of faucets. You just remembered that you also need to get a kitchen faucet as well. Getting everything ready for your new house is quite a task, huh?

Relax. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. To help you focus better, it’s always good to have a list of things that needs to be done so that you can check off the items that has already been completed. And one of them is to pick out some nice faucets for the home. First thing to do is to determine what type of faucet to get for which purpose.

Need one for the bathroom sink or for the bathtub? Naturally it would look really good if both the bathtub faucet and the one for the sink is of the same style. It would also depend on the theme of your bathroom. Are you going for the traditional look or the contemporary feel?

Most home owners these days prefer the modern look. It has the clean sleek feel to it. So if you’re getting some really cool modern bathroom furniture for the home, what will really complement all of those would be modern bathroom faucets.  These are usually made from polished chrome giving it that clean shiny look. But remember now, with anything shiny and reflective, you will need to spend time cleaning.

Somewhat like getting your car polished so that it looks new and does not have lots of fingerprints on it. Another thing to watch out for would to make sure that the bathroom faucet is easy to use. If you have kids in the house, they can’t be too flimsy either. Other wise, you will end up having to get new ones as kids could spoil them by being too rough at times. So get something that is easy to use and durable.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a good site that offers quite a range of bathroom faucets for home owners

You will also need to decide whether you want your bathroom faucets to be wall mounted or just like the typical type where it is linked to the bathroom sink or bathtub. Once you’ve gotten all these narrowed down, you should be able to pick out a couple of good ones. Remember to also ask for the product warranty and see if the supplier is able to offer you any discount. Have a good one!

Different Moroccan Lighting For Homes

June 6, 2013 in Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan Hanging Lamp

Since there are so many different types of homes out there, one thing is for sure. They all need lighting. Now what would be a great home decor project would be to look for different types of lighting for the home. Different rooms could have different types of lighting fixtures. Home owners who are looking for something more cultural and unique could consider getting some Moroccan lighting for the house.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are so many types of Moroccan lighting fixtures out there. The fun part would be to decide which are suitable for your home. Narrow down the different rooms of the house and consider your home decor as you want to make sure that the lighting will complement the look of the room. You will also need to make sure that the lighting is properly proportionate to the size of your room. Imagine how weird it will look if you bought a huge Moroccan chandelier only to discover that your low ceiling and small space makes it look really out of place when you hang it from the low ceiling.

Moroccan Lantern

Key learning point here. Make sure that for any hanging lantern or lamps that you intend to get, your ceiling needs to be high enough. And also consider the style of the lamp or lantern. Color also plays an important role. You would want to test out the type of lighting as these Moroccan lamps and lanterns usually come with colored glass panes. Those who do not like colored type of lighting should get the ones with clear glass panes.

It will save you from having to return your purchase. While most folks enjoy the warm, translucent lighting that these lanterns give out indoors, others may prefer to place them outdoors. They give out a more romantic feeling especially the ones which you light up with candles. Think of it as a romantic outdoor lighting experience. So different types of lighting will be suitable for different parts of the home.

Start by narrowing down where you want to place them. Indoor or outdoor? Use electricity or candles? For practical use or for home interior decoration? Most home owners want both options. To help give you a bigger picture on the type of Moroccan lighting that is available, click here and decide for yourself what will look really good in your home.

Here’s a short video on some Moroccan candle lanterns that will look awesome for your home :

Beautiful Modern Bathroom Vanities

May 30, 2013 in Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Now what would really make your bathroom look awesome? Other than a huge modern bathtub and swanky bathroom toilets. The most used item would be the bathroom vanity.

Home owners these days are looking for high quality modern bathroom vanities. Not just plain boring ones. Well they might as well plan on getting a good one for the bathroom.

The new designs come with frameless mirrors giving them a clean look without any borders. Folks get to choose the different types of faucets to go with their bathroom vanity set as these usually do not include faucets.

Some may want to add additional bathroom lighting that will create a nice atmosphere in the bathroom. If you have a huge bathroom in your home, you could choose to add a nice vase with flowers just for decorative purposes.

Depending on the size of your family or whether you need a big storage space to keep the towels and toiletries, a proper bathroom vanity set will include a cabinet. However, choosing the set that comes with extra cabinets will be helpful especially if yo have a lot of stuff to keep in the bathroom.

Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Depending on whether you are a single or couple, there are single bathroom vanities and double bathroom vanities for you to pick from in the market.

The more popular ones seem to come from Italy with clean lines and beautiful granite or marble top. What’s also popular with young home owners are the wood themed ones. These are made from high quality solid wood.

The dark colors of the wood make the vanity set look luxurious and sleek while providing the quality that modern home owners are looking for.

Main points that people look for when selecting bathroom vanities for the home would be the beauty, quality, practicality and affordability of the entire set. Check out this site if you’re on the lookout for one for your home

Once everything is in place after the home renovation, it’s going to look fresh, elegant and luxurious.

Moroccan Lamps To Light Your Home

May 27, 2013 in Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan Lamps

Lighting one’s home could be just something very basic or for some home owners, they could literally turn it into an art work. Many folks may think of putting simple lights in their homes but for those who happen to love art, culture and design, you will discover that their homes will have a different feel to it. The homes that normally catch my attention are those who have an Asian interior decor feel to it.

You could literally just change the look of your rooms by adding some Moroccan lamps in them. Maybe for the living room you could have a Moroccan lamp hanging from the ceiling. Or if you’re pressed for space, you could buy some smaller Moroccan lamps to place around the room.

Depending on your taste and how practical you want to be, I’ve also noticed that some home owners have 2 types of lighting for their living room. One would be just to light up the room while the other would be to light up the room for their enjoyment.

Did you know that you could influence the mood of a person just by tweaking the lighting environment? There’s quite a variety of lighting options to consider. From using different types of lamps, lanterns to candles and luminaries. It also depends on the occasion. If you’re planning on hosting guests, you would want them to feel as comfortable and relaxed in your home.

And if you happen to be quite stressed out with work, having some warm lighting in your home will help you to relax and calm you down. It’s also a great way to showcase the different culture and lighting designs which will complement the look of your home’s interior design. If you’re in search of some options, click here and take your pick.

Here are some beautiful Moroccan lanterns to consider for your home when you check out the short video below :

The Uniqueness Of Moroccan Furniture

May 20, 2013 in Moroccan Furniture

Damascus Mosaik Table

Many people have asked me for some ideas, suggestions and feedback on what kind of furniture would I recommend for them. Well, this basically depends on one’s own taste in interior design. There are some homes that I have been to which look absolutely fantastic. Home owners do not need to be limited by only certain types of furniture. I mean, you could have a combination of different types and genres of furniture for the home.

Most would find Moroccan furniture to be unique as they are usually hand made or hand craved by skillful artisans. However, as with all the different types of furniture that are hand made, they will usually showcase the rich culture and heritage of the nationality. When it comes to Moroccan designs, one will be able to notice the symmetrical designs in all their workmanship.

Some may want a wall piece to mount up as a decoration or art piece to enjoy. Or if you are a bit tight for space, you could look for some really awesome corner pieces of furniture to help you make the most of the space that you have. These type of furniture will come in handy especially for those who live in apartments or flats.

Handpainted Amazigh Corner

Anyway, other than hand carved or hand painted, what makes Moroccan furniture really unique is its rich cultural patterns and history. Those who plain bored with the normal types of furniture will these a refreshing change. Decorating one’s home with these unique furniture will not only impress your guests but it will also be pleasurable as you enjoy the artistic value of these items.

Some of the folks that I know who enjoy collecting unique antiques and artifacts in their travel will definitely own quite a number of these decor in their homes. Most are not only for display but they are also very practical for every day usage. Whether you are looking for a bedroom cabinet or a coffee table to a side chair, there is plenty to consider when one is working on decorating each different room in the house.

If you don’t know where to start, click here and you’ll be awed by an entire range of authentic Moroccan furniture and decor to pick from.

Here’s a short video to showcase some exotic and unique Moroccan furniture and decor that you could check out :

Save Money On Stylish Designer Chairs And Other Designer Furniture

August 7, 2013 in Designer Furniture, Modern Dining Room Table

We would all like to have a little bit of luxury in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a reality TV show which would make us 15 grand an episode. But that does not mean we cannot afford the finer things in life altogether.

Naturally, designer furniture with the same price tag of a brand new German engineered car would be out of reach for many of us. Fortunately, you can still get pretty stylish upmarket looking designer furniture at prices you would not have to sell one of your kidneys to afford.

It all depends where you get your stylish designer chairs and other designer furniture. Try to shop at stores or sites which offer factory direct pricing. The ones which offer a low price guarantee are your best bet.

At sites like these, you can save an average of 50% off retail. That’s a lot of money if you are thinking of remodeling your whole home.

A neighbor of mine spent nearly 50 grand extensively remodeling his dining room, living room and 2 bathrooms. He has exquisite taste and much deeper pockets than I. However, he was still very prudent when shopping for his fixtures and furniture. He estimated that his prudence saved him about $30,000. That’s a lot of money.

My budget is about 40% of his but we shop at the same places and sites. Big sites like offer some of the best prices for quality furniture on the net. That’s because of their economies of scale and the special deals they have with furniture factories. To make a long story short, they get their items, some of them exclusive to their stores, at special factory direct prices.

The good thing is that they carry a wide range of luxury furniture to fit a wider market. Not everyone can afford a $17,000 dining room set after discount (down from $26,000) like my neighbor. Most people are like me who fall in the circa $6,000 range for a luxury dining room set.

The vast difference in pricing is not in the quality but in the style and finishing. For $16,000, the craftsmanship and detail for a classic European dining room set is mind blowing. Just look at the Murcia model my neighbor bought (image below). It looks like it costs at least twice the price.

Murcia Classic European Dining Room Set

Here are a couple of shots that show of the detail more clearly.

Murcia Chair and Table edge

Murcia Table Leg 2

My wife and I were going for a more modern look for our dining room so we chose this set. It’s called the Tricase modern dining room set. The marble top is absolutely breathtaking, by the way.

Tricase Modern Dining Table

The table cost us less then $3,000 while the modern designer chairs cost us less then $600 each. But the show stealer has got to be the marble table top. You just have to see it to believe it. We’re so lucky we could stretch our budget just a bit to purchase it.

Modern Designer Dining Room Tables At Bargain Prices

August 6, 2013 in Modern Dining Room Table

Diana Modern Dining Room Table

Many of the awesome luxurious looking modern dining room table designs can actually be purchased at a massive discount if you know where to shop. The design above is the Diana modern designer dining room table which my wife and I got for half off from

The actual price was $2,400 if I’m not mistaken. To be honest, it was the cheapest dining room table on the page but it did fit our criteria for a table that would be big enough to fit 6 yet small enough to fit our dining room. If we had more space we would have opted for a bigger table. Maybe a rectangular model which can seat 8. Anyway, we will revisit that idea in about 5 years or so.

The Diana is just under 5 feet in diameter and is made out of solid Birch wood. The intricate hand carved detailing is impressive considering how much we paid for it and it just looks good, simply put.

Our budget was $2,000 and below so we had a few more choices. But in the end we got what we wanted and managed to save quite a bit too. I guess we will channel the savings to our bathroom remodeling project which we hope to complete by October. Mind you, for $800 and a bit more, you can get a modern dual flush toilet and bidet at the same site. That’s really stretching your dollar.

The Interior Gallery offers lots items at between 30% to 50% off of retails prices, from what I’ve observed. They managed this by dealing direct with factories. That’s why they can offer their items at factory direct prices. I’m glad they pass this savings on to us and instead of adding it all to their margins.

They have a huge showroom in Allen, Texas. I’ve been there a couple of times and I can tell you the sell really peculiar items as well. I swear they have a huge T-Rex for sale there as well. I think you can spot it on their website. I know bars and commercial makers get stuff from there are well. When you visit their website, you’ll understand why.